The Big Apple November 2015

Not sure where to start with this and I have so many photos to choose from but sunset from the ESB was immense!  
I have wanted to visit NYC probably for the last twenty five years or so with certain sites, shopping and just being in NYC the draw. How different it has been from what I thought – and nonetheless enjoyable!

We did Top of the Rock, ESB, SOL, visited Times Square, skirted round Central Park, reflected at the Ground Zero memorial and enjoyed good food in some of the many eateries. 










What I hadn’t known about was the Raines law rooms, which was an enchanting ‘speak-easyesque’ establishment. Kevin and I enjoyed 6 cocktails and was our first outing at night. 

  The high line walk starting at Chelsea market, the old meat packing district was fantastic, all the more enjoyable with Dylan our guide and balmy weather!

I would recommend the high line walk: free unless you want a tour guide.

On Friday we also visited the intrepid air, and sea museum: I sat that out and met a lovely lady from NZ. Whilst chatting she asked had I had any misgivings visiting after the recent Paris attacks and I have to say I had had a few. 

I left certain items at home to be given to family and most nights had mini panic attacks on hearing sirens. I struggled to put these thoughts out of my mind and make the most of our visit to NYC. I’m afraid the possibility of things happening  wherever and whenever may become a part of the age we live in.  

 NYC is an assault on the senses and New Yorkers are fiercely proud of their City, a fantastic trip – very little shopping, which leaves an opportunity to return ! 


My favourite building the flatiron – where Cary Grant worked many moons ago! 



This week another week of highs and lows. Jay home from hospital, then back to hospital, then home again! Great news about Lis securing employment from February.

She is so humble and absolutely brilliant, I’m sure she’ll make a real difference to those young lives and their families facing heartbreak and possibly their greatest challenge. Andrew and Lis are enjoying a much deserved break in Cairns and it was lovely they called to share their news.

My dad has been diagnosed with gout, and I have had good news from the doctors today.

I started writing this blog last night before the Paris terrorist attacks, where overnight we have learnt how Β terrible they were. Loss of life, devastating injuries, lives and families shattered.

So this brings me to my title of consequences but from a different perspective from where I had begun.

As we go through life we are all faced with decisions and choices, and someone’s decision or choice can have a massive impact on our lives and our loved ones. That should never deter us from chasing our dreams and following our hearts.

I try to let all those I love be in no doubt of that and I hope that Kevin and I have given our children the confidence to make good decisions and choices, to follow their dreams and to treat people with respect, as they want to be treated.

As a global community we need to find a way to be tolerant of others choices and to live in peace. I’d say history proves that this is an idealistic view as the human race can talk the talk, but human nature is such that it can prevent walking the walk.

We must indeed pray for Paris and solace and comfort to those affected.πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ—Ό

In sickness and in health

Last week certainly threw a curved ball with Jay, nina’s boyfriend and Jane, Elaine’s spouse in hospital. Both share the same birth date, just a coincidence I’m sure! 

As we waited for news it was good to see the well wishes received for their swift  return home. Jane was home by friday, Jay on Sunday.

Nina was really upset by the enforced separation but to her credit she coped admirably, and also with her new job, no mean feat.

It always strikes me how people cope in difficult circumstances. Some can take a positive from it, others fall to pieces. But I find that it’s not what happens but how you deal with it that is important and being surrounded by those that love you and you love in return can sustain and fortify you through difficult, challenging times.

I know that I have a loving and supportive extended family, that pull together offering what comfort we can, even if it is only a phone call or text.

Sometimes it is the smallest gesture that can work wonders, laughter can quite often be the best medicine.

I’m sure Jay and Jane will recover quickly and be back to their best soon, safe in the knowledge that we are always here for them. Sharing lives together is through the bad as well as the good times and having that special someone there definitely helps to face up to difficult challenges and see light at the end of the tunnel.
I am so proud of Jay and Nina and how they have coped this week, together.πŸ€πŸ’•πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»