I wasn’t expecting that!


On Monday I was expecting to be home early as SLT was postponed to Tuesday and relishing the chance to spend some time with family. A phone call before lunchtime changed that as the school got ‘the call’ from ofsted.

Meeting back on with preparations afoot for the visit the next day, and possibly Wednesday, I had to be in for a 7:30 meeting and retreated to my office for solace and lit a candle for some calm. 

The chaps were going to see the Star Wars film and Nina and I had a dinner date – much shortened by my tardy arrival. I think we had 40 minutes, but at least we managed those and enjoyed our meal at Harry’s Bar! 

 Two further consecutive late nights ensued and we await the published report. 

I even had time for ofsted nails! 

   We have been waiting for almost two years for the call and whilst you know it’s coming, it’s still a shock when it does.

On Friday we laid on breakfast and cakes at break time for staff and the week certainly seemed longer than the five days!

A beautiful sunset was captured on my way to the farm shop on Friday night and a lie in on Saturday was de rigeur! 


I was glad to have a quiet weekend and the chance to visit my dear friend Sian, who has been awesome and shown such courage in her cancer battle. I feel very humble in her presence and to witness the love, care and support that her family shower on her was wonderful to see.

The visited prompted me to look through some old photos and in doing so brings back such memories of when the kids were small. What, at the time, you think is good, or funny can after the passage of time look baffling, with the question why, but these things are of their age and all part of life’s rich tapestry!    



So this morning I had cards to make. One of my 2014 resolutions was to make all cards for family and so far I have kept it!

I made 8 and that is up to March! 


Housework is beckoning and Kevin is busy with financial wizardry!



A week into the new year!


my gorgeous daughter and my lovely husband
I’m not going to lie, I struggled after the festive break to get my mindset right to go back to work. But, I did and in a flash a week has passed. 


Oscar just chiilling!
The decorations are down and routines become familiar once more. I had  to decide whether to apply for a job and after a bit of soul searching, decided that the change I am seeking is more from within and so that is where I am at.

I have booked myself on a coaching and mentoring skills course for April, and hope that it will provide me with some insight into encouraging staff and students to be the best they can be. I also hope along the way that it will allow me to both personally and professionally develop. This in turn will effect a change in me.

I have also taken the decision to follow dry January and so far so good, not that I drink that much, despite photos of various glasses of prosecco and cocktails littering my Facebook!

I am awaiting the better sleep patterns and glowing skin, this occurs around day 17. Until then I am enjoying green tea, coconut water and a variety of alcohol free libations! 


alcohol free for dry January!
One week in with a few more things to look forward to arranged, including another Lords afternoon tea in April. February and March is pretty full on, and a trip to Scotland will be squeezed in too.

Here’s hoping week 2 is as fulfilling as winter takes hold! 

No Resolutions for 2016!

Where did 2015 go, it seems to have gone in a flash. I have many wonderful memories, most documented here, so no need to  cover the same ground.

Yesterday I had the start of a head cold, which just appeared from nowhere, so I admit to languishing in bed longer than I should have. When I did stir, I found I had a refund for the cost of my journey home from Scotland in December, Georgina had a win from the Old Ruts 200 club, and at last I was getting somewhere with an issue mum and dad had been having regarding a refund due to them.

I felt buoyed by this and dosed myself up to see me through the day!

Kevin arrived home, we enjoyed a meal, and we received an unexpected call from Andrew in Melbourne, whilst he was walking home from his NYE revellery. It was lovely to speak with him and we had a glimpse of  his and Lis’s plans for 2016. With Lis securing employment from February it will be great to see them plan things and starting to live a little! I have nothing but admiration as to how they have supported each other over the last few years.

Then we were off to do our NYE recent tradition of a trip to the cinema. Most enjoyable and home by 9pm. I took some more medication, watched some of the drivel they put on TV, and drifted to sleep.

I woke up about 11:20 and Kevin and I drove to Brentwood to where Joe,Jay and Nina were working. Kevin and I had a couple of drinks and had the opportunity of seeing the NY in with them. Precious time! 




 We left shortly after 1:00am, they returned home about 4:00 am, only to be up and away by 11:30 for NYD lunch and dinner service. They have worked really hard over the last five weeks so spare a thought for those in the hospitality industry at this time of year!

I wish all my friends and family a great 2016. Health, happiness and love to all. 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

For some there will be highs and for others lows. There will be a mixture of both for many and if I can help and support anyone don’t be afraid to ask! 

Nor to share in your happiness and joy!

This year my plans are to follow the 3 C’s. To make a Choice to take a Chance, and not be afraid of Change! Or in any other order!

I have a few trips already booked and will  document these on here!