Rome, history and rugger

Since booking flights etc to Rome and the tickets for the Italy v Scotland game, my anticipation has been palpable. 

The trip was another part of Elaine’s 50th birthday celebrations and it has been wonderous!

Arriving on Thursday afternoon at our hotel , Kevin and I went for a trip into the city to find our bearings and acclimatize ourselves to the transport system etc. 

On Friday we met up with Elaine, Jane, Mark and Matt and spent 3 hours in the colosseum and surroundings. 

The weather was amazing and the guide was exceptional in providing information that really brought the whole tour to life. You could imagine the animals, gladiators and the crowds there it was awesome now so full would have been amazing! 

Kevin and I then made our way to the Vatican for another 3 hour tour, and I was hoping for so much. I was in awe at the Sistine Chapel and the riches that you behold in the museums. Unfortunately a poor experience from our guide made for us wanting to leave earlier than planned. Time was tight so we missed St Peter’s Basilica – so that leaves me with no choice but to return! 

We all met up for dinner and a taxi to our hotel was order of the day due to aching feet!

Saturday-game day! The long awaited game of rugby was here. We made our way to the stadia olympico in good time. We met under mussolini’s obelisk. A trip over the Tiber and an uninspiring lunch was consumed. We followed a sea of supporters to the ground and took our seats, after soaking up the atmosphere, the kilts and the good humour of the crowd. 

Our seats were excellent and we were the right side for the anthems and also for the first two Scottish tries! A Scottish team win was what our hearts wanted-and what we got! Sergio Parisse, the Italian captain, was clearly disappointed with how the match progressed. 

We then began the journey back to the centre. A very tight squeeze in a tram, followed by bus and on foot to trastevere. We arranged somewhere to eat and all met up for our last supper. 

Food was good , alcohol flowed and these few days have been so enjoyable. Once again spending time with Elaine and Jane and, who they refer to affectionately, as the boys. Seeing Elaine so happy and experiencing her cheekiness is delightful! 

A fantastic memory for us all and I hope we can do this again in the future! 😎😎🏉


A birthday celebration🎉🍾

My sister turned 50 yesterday – a milestone birthday. I can no longer lie about my age to our shared friends and acquaintances!  

Elaine very kindly invited us to join the celebrations and we made an early start to Brighton. We stopped off near  Crawley for lunch at the Heathy Farm pub although I misread that as Healthy initially! Bloody lenses 👀 

We continued our journey and arrived in the rain to Jane and Elaine earnestly completing tasks for the party. We had a tea break where I presented Elaine with a scrapbook of photos over the last 50 years. Much laughter ensued with memories to the fore of our wonderful childhood.

Food prepped, faces made up we awaited the guests. They were laden with food or alcohol. Joe was mixologist for the start of the evening and I tried a fair few! 

The evening was full of laughter, singing, and on occasion dodgy dancing. Elaine is a great sister, she is also a great boss, friend, and partner. Loved and respected and it was a pleasure to share in her joy and happiness as she begins her sixth decade!

Elaine and I are very different in so many ways but that is why, I feel, we appreciate the differences and compliment each other. We share mannerisms, a wicked sense of humour and affection for our family that will bind us forever. 

I fell into my sleeping bag on the couch after 2:30 with the alarm set for 5:30! 

I feel tired but no hangover or any ill effects which is great and considering my age – not bad at all! 

Taking out the clutter

As it is half term I am having a few days away from the office and today I am going to take stock of what I have and what needs to go. 

I have a wardrobe full of clothes👗 most of which I can’t or don’t wear: so that will be dramatically culled.

The loft will be a job for the summer, just too much stuff apart from keeping suitcases and Christmas decorations: I think a skip will be necessary to get that sorted!

I’ve never been one for ornaments, but have a few. To me memories and people are more than a piece of glass or ceramics, although some can evoke memories of a special time – a birthday, a holiday…..

I am hoping that this de clutter will make more room in my wardrobe and make me feel lighter, even happier and also give me time to spend with those that are most precious to me. 


    The wardrobe beckons here’s hoping there is no lion or a witch!

I am also going to declutter emails that I have held onto as they just harbour frustration and don’t fulfill any purpose!🙊🙉🙈

Calcutta cup

  So a long weekend was in front of us to go to murrayfield for the Calcutta cup. Not the best of starts to be told our train ‘wasn’t happening’ by a gentleman who was to customer service what genghis Khan was to UN peace. A stop at Carlisle for an hour to await our bus replacement was boring. The bus journey was filled with drunken whistling, singing and not by us though.  
   After a lovely meal and good night’s sleep we made our way into Edinburgh where we went for a curry.  
 a slow walk to murrayfield ensued and the atmosphere was fantastic. Anthems sung, the game began. Error strewn, it just didn’t ignite for me as a Scotland supporter, so I will wait another year.  

 A damp walk to the Caledonian brewery and a couple of drinks made for a long but thoroughly enjoyable day. 

Here’s hoping our return journey fares better. 

As always a great time spent with Debbie and another rugby memory! 


One twelfth of 2016 gone!

So that was January and  we have celebrated a couple of birthdays wth my successful completion of dry January!  

We celebrated Joe’ s birthday last Thursday at the giggling squid, with a few giggles of our own!  

This was closely followed by a night out on Monday , courtesy of groupon. Sliders and prosecco. 

My first alcohol in a month, which I enjoyed. Again there was laughter and it’s just nice to be together. 

I have been looking forward to this upcoming weekend for so many weeks and I will be packing my bag later for my trip to Edinburgh. Work woes will get left behind to enjoy time with my friend Debbie with a Calcutta cup rugby game to watch!