A maritime weekend

First stop on Saturday was the ocean terminal, Southampton, to board the P &O Azura. I am reluctant to cruise, so an opportunity to see what is offered, get a feel of who cruises, seemed a perfect way to have a look without parting with too much cash. 

Lots of bars and restaurants and a plethora of places to do as much or as little as you want. I’m probably considering to give it a go, but, I have certain requirements for accommodation etc and not sure Kevin’s pockets are as deep as my expectations high. But I see that we could fit in the Monaco GP so watch this space!

After a great lunch, we headed for Portsmouth
We popped in to see a cousin then made our way to G! Boutique Hotel. Our room was Glamorous , very apt! 

We decided on Tapas for a bite to eat, then exhausted, I had a bath and bed. 

A tasty breakfast started the day, followed by a FaceTime call to Australia. We checked out and made our way to the historic boatyard in Portsmouth for the centenary of the battle of Jutland exhibition. 

The loss of life, as now, is so sad, and this was a fitting tribute to those who gave their lives. So sad to see about Jack Cornwell, only sixteen, to be among them. We are so fortunate to see glimpses of times gone by and to feel proud of our services.

A stroll to see the Victory , I’d like to say resplendent, but not quite! 

It as been a lovely few days, and just what I needed, after a week to forget!

Let’s see what the next week brings!


A Fond Farewell…

After the Bank Holiday we returned to school and ensured that all plans were in place for the funeral at OLI for Tony Ward and for the ‘wake’ to be held at the school after.

The sun was shining on Wednesday and the Mass, readings and eulogies were a fitting send off for him, and hopefully give comfort to his family in the future.

The stories recanted of a young Tony were funny and endearing and there was laughter as well as tears, and we were acutely aware of saying goodbye to someone very special.

As sad as it has been, Tony did not linger, he didn’t have to be cared for by loved ones, suffer indignity and a slow decline, and for that we are thankful.

Now we have to adjust to our ‘new normal’ and continue with his lifetime’s work!

May Day, May Day!….

Traditionally May Day is a distress call, used generally for sea faring emergencies, but our day started with a vehicular kind. 

Jay and Nina had only just left for work when the call was made. Her car was completely dead, and could I get there quickly to take them to work? I wasn’t dressed and didn’t have my lenses in. 

I got ready so quickly I didn’t take my phone or tell Kevin what was going on.

Duly dropped off at work, I returned home to the phone ringing again. This time it was Andrew calling from their new abode. Andrew and Lis told us all about the last few days and it was lovely to hear their joy and enthusiasm. Hopefully piccies will follow soon for me to share. 

Bella, their cat, seems very settled

After that call Kevin and I made our way to where the car was…. Started first time! We drove to their workplace and then drove home. Crisis managed and our list of jobs could be begin. 

We sorted through the designs for the garden, cleaned and tidied the house, mowed the lawn. Phew as we are off tomorrow we can do the rest then! 

Did take a few pics in the garden as it was such a beautiful day!