Holiday …celebrate

My husband , Kevin, and I have enjoyed a wonderful week away. We stayed in the UK staying in Birmingham, Alnwick,Arbroath and Durham. 

We were lucky with the weather and thoroughly enjoyed our time away. We have had good food, a drink or two and it does amaze me that after knowing each other for 35 years we still have so much to talk about. Family, politics, what we do next, and still talk about our hopes and dreams. 

Now we are home, even though there was a lot of driving, we feel that we were away a lot longer. We are refreshed and it was lovely to be welcomed home! πŸ€—πŸ’•πŸ’•


I love to take photos through windows, especially ones that can frame the vista. 

The first picture is from within the Scottish Parliament building and I don’t feel the slats detract from the view. 

The second one is too from the SP and I love the chairs in the foreground as it shows that it is a place where ‘business’ is done!

The last picture shows both Durham castle with the cathedral in the background on a beautiful day. 

I have been on holiday this week and travelled to Scotland and back via Birmingham, Alnwick and Durham. When the sun shines the UK is a wonderful destination with so much to see and do! 



I love to have fun, and quite often have an irreverent sense of humour. Making people laugh or smile makes me feel good as well as lightening the mood of the other person!Β image

Snapchat have a great variety of filters and I have recently been using them and sending the photos to family. Responses have been mixed, but undoubtedly have raised a smile.

Quite often life throws curved balls at us and it’s our ability to laugh and smile that can help to offer comfort and lift gloom temporarily.πŸŒ₯

β€œTriumph” β€” Turn Up the Contrast

At a friend’s wedding the place cards were slate hearts with the guests name on them-a lovely touch! 

I love a wedding –  love, the dreams and the future ahead for the couple, and their families. 

So with this in mind, I view my marriage and motherhood as my greatest personal triumphs. Everything else pales in comparison: work, home, material things.

We celebrate thirty four years and three children in October, no mean feat and I am very fortunate in this πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸŒŸπŸŒŸ


Edge, what does that mean? 

You can be on edge-nervous of travel, a new challenge

You can have an edge, a tenacity that marks you out, or perhaps even an attitude that some can dislike.

I have chosen this photo taken along the Thames and it is a living wall made from bike wheels that is used as a feature for a cafe. 

It provides an oasis in London and I liked the quirkiness of it! 

It has the edge……..


​On a recent walk to the Essex Cricket Ground I had to take this picture . What a haven in the middle of the city. The water, the trees and the railway line up on the bridge all components taking the eye on a journey.  

I love the greenery against the red brick and it makes me think of my childhood and the Scottish countryside that we would explore with our grandparents. We were blessed and I am thankful for the memoriesπŸ’•

Moments-capturing motion

This year I was fortunate enough to get tickets to Wimbledon on Men’s final day, and my dream was to see Andy Murray win. From the moment I arrived at Centre Court I was locked in the moment

I took these two shots with my iPhone, the first capturing Andy in ‘flight’ after serving and the second showing the speed recorded of 147 mph of the serve Andy had just returned. 

The power is immense and when the final point was won, I was so emotional that my dream had come to fruition. Life is about maximising opportunities as they come your way, and I am grateful that I can, and do! 

Natural World-Leading Lines

Absolutely love this as purple flowers have broken through, ready to burst into a cacophony of bloom within the next few days. Nature is a wonderful thing, as every year we see plants come to life, propagate and fill the garden with colour and form. I have had these bulbs for two years and this is the first time they have flowered.