With the  sun streaming in from the side, and the cherries glinting like rubies this upside down cake provides warmth in more ways than one. Just fresh from the oven and turned out in a plate! Delicious 💕


Home …..

They say home is where the heart is and if so my family and friends are my home! 

Having moved from Scotland in the late sixties I have lived in eight houses over 50+ years, with 26 of those in our current house.

A house is a building, a home is a warm feeling that surrounds you, where you feel safe, secure and loved. 

We personalise our homes and have pictures of family and friends around us. We fill them with mementos of travels, children and gifts received on marriage or birthdays.

We take those with us as we move and as families extend so do the memories.


Australia has a new citizen

Earlier today and thousands of miles away Australia gained a new citizen in Andrew Morley. 

I can’t believe that it is almost 6 years since Andrew got engaged, graduated from Brunel and travelled to Australia with Lis. 

How that time has flown and as we approach his birthday I ponder on how those 28 years have passed.

The baby with a mop of black hair has grown and flown! Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that our first born would make his life so far away. 

But the positives are two trips to Australia, with a third in the planning stage. I fondly remember the smiling little boy  ‘with a big brain’. 

On occasion sensitive, quite often serious, as he hurtled through the teenage years. 

Andrew has blossomed in Australia, the laid back life suits him well.

He is carving out a career, Lis and Andrew have recently moved into a new home, plans made and a bright future awaits in ‘Australia Fair’

New beginnings and goodbyes…..

Me,Sara and Jenny at Harrods

Today we said goodbye to Jenny (far right) after four years at SJP. 

I first met Jenny when she worked at another school and was thrilled when she applied for the job in 2012. 

Duly appointed, she brought so much to the school and students. A real techie and always there with a smile; Sara and I will miss her. 

She has a brilliant opportunity working for Capita and she will be a real asset to them and it is always great to see people develop and flourish! 

It got me thinking about the staff that I have worked with over the 11 years.

Kim and Cyn were there when I joined. Cyn retired in 2011 after a long career at the school, and Kim left to work for ECC where I had worked previously. We were all in one office together and we always had a giggle whilst working.

Kim has flourished and maximised opportunities that have come her way, and today at a meeting, it made my heart sing, that she was lauded as a brilliant help when a school went through the academy conversion process.

Bev joined the school in 2008 and increased her role and responsibilities and is now flying high at an academy in Stanford-Le-Hope. I miss her little quips, especially ‘I think it’s because I nearly died as a baby’!

 I must admit to having a penchant for employing people that display a certain joie de vivre, great fashion style and happy to put up with my, on occasion, ribald comments.
It has been a pleasure to share a small part of their lives and also keep in touch via social media as well as face to face.

We are all richer for knowing each other and I’m sure that there is someone out there ready to start their new beginning with us and all that will entail! 

May Day, May Day!….

Traditionally May Day is a distress call, used generally for sea faring emergencies, but our day started with a vehicular kind. 

Jay and Nina had only just left for work when the call was made. Her car was completely dead, and could I get there quickly to take them to work? I wasn’t dressed and didn’t have my lenses in. 

I got ready so quickly I didn’t take my phone or tell Kevin what was going on.

Duly dropped off at work, I returned home to the phone ringing again. This time it was Andrew calling from their new abode. Andrew and Lis told us all about the last few days and it was lovely to hear their joy and enthusiasm. Hopefully piccies will follow soon for me to share. 

Bella, their cat, seems very settled

After that call Kevin and I made our way to where the car was…. Started first time! We drove to their workplace and then drove home. Crisis managed and our list of jobs could be begin. 

We sorted through the designs for the garden, cleaned and tidied the house, mowed the lawn. Phew as we are off tomorrow we can do the rest then! 

Did take a few pics in the garden as it was such a beautiful day! 

The other side of the coin…

Heard on Friday that a teacher at school and his wife were safely delivered of a daughter.

That’s the news I’ve been hoping for.

New life, and the hope and optimism it brings with it. Dreams and plans for the family and future open up. But how quickly it goes. Terrible twos, teenage dirtbags, all become a distant memory! 
I can’t believe that my youngest is 22, yesterday!

We have a gamut of memories shared, so much laughter and an extended family rich in variety providing solace and comfort when needed but also those moments of pure joy!I wish the new family and their long awaited bundle of joy health and happiness. Enjoy, laugh, and cry as childhood is just gone in a flash!


See good in something every day…..

Such sadness over the last few weeks both privately and publicly! There is a need for happier, joyful news……

My dear friend, Debbie, posted the above today and it is so true. It is better to look for something to smile about than dwell on the sadder elements of life.

I have decided for a variety of reasons to begin 365 happy days from July and see where I am in a year’s time.

I enjoyed the company of my parents last weekend and we spent time laughing and being our usual deprecating selves! 

It has been wonderful to share Nina and Jay’s excitement for their week’s break from work and as Georgina approaches her 22nd birthday I know she will be thoroughly spoilt. 

The happiness I derive from seeing my family happy and achieving things, no matter how big or small, is uplifting and I cherish that. 

Life is short, for some too short, so live, laugh, love and look around to see the wonderful things that surround us! Happiness can be a way of life. 💕💕😀😀


Flower of Scotland

Yesterday brought sad news, once again, that a very special teacher at school, had passed away. Tony Ward had suffered a stroke whilst on a field trip on the 21st March and spent his remaining days in hospital, surrounded by family and friends.

He appeared to rally, then falter, rally and then pneumonia set in. His passing was peaceful and no doubt he was secure in the knowledge that he was well loved by all who had the privilege to know him.

He was fit, running and excercising at a high level, but his passion was for teaching. He had high expectations, but the 15+ hours a day ensured that students achieved, often above and beyond.

He had a wicked sense of humour, a wonderful home, many friends and inspired so many. He taught my three children, and they are saddened by the news. 

I could eulogise for longer and many ex students have posted fantastic tributes to the legend of Tony.

Suffice to say he will be hugely missed by the school community: I don’t think we are fully aware of how much yet.

He was a true gentleman, a fellow Scot, and, as in the song, I’m unsure as to ‘when will we see yer like again!’ 

Tony Ward RIP.