Almost two weeks into 2017, and no ofsted this year. Unfortunately so many people seem to have this nasty bug going around and it has meant visits have had to be cancelled, one in particular to see Bella!

 But rather than be too disappointed, I have taken the time freed up to get other things sorted, one namely being our trip to Australia. As it’s our coral and Andrew and Lis’s wood anniversaries Great Barrier Reef and palm trees fulfill the presents! 

I love starting the process, tweaking the programme, finding places to stay, preferably high end or quirky. 

The Whitsundays look amazing and for us all to be together will be awesome. 

Seeing pictures of white beaches bathed by turquoise water, with tropical foliage and brilliant sunshine is the antithesis of our weather right now! 

I intend to keep looking for positives in what happens rather than be dragged down by the negatives! 



When I started going out with Kevin, I was asked if I liked cricket, and up until that point I had no interest in it. Needless to say that changed and I recently visited Lord’s for afternoon tea and a tour of the museum. I would highly recommend it as it is superb. The photo below is the trophy for the Ashes, which ‘replaced’ the little vase, as it is is too fragile to travel. The reason for choosing this is that with our eldest living in Australia this trophy is a connection to the two continents we live in. #developingyoureye #Australia #Lord’s #Ashes#afternoontea #connect #