Two weeks in

Well that's two weeks of the Academic year gone

Time just goes so quickly. The start is always frenetic, but this year with the sixth form building project 5 weeks overdue, and possibly another 5 week delay, it's even more so.
Balls in the air trying to ensure all is in place, whilst preparing for a HR audit, a GDPR audit and the ICE visit.

Satisfyingly, things are taking shape, and I feel a real sense of pride. I have had such great support from a Governor, who has been with me every step of the way: we had a shared vision and it has been a delight!

Today provided another boost to my mood with a visit to a brand designer. It is such a fillip to meet people so energised, so full of ideas, a passion for change and to feel 'yes, that hits the nail on the head'!

I walked back to work from the meeting, full of hope, it was a lovely sunny morning, and a dear colleague, celebrating her birthday, had left a cupcake on my desk


We have student art work on the walls and this is being updated and I particularly like one which is in the style of Katherine Jebb. So wonderful to enjoy their talents and achievements.

All in all a great start and long may the positivity remain!


So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, adieu……..

Today sees the end of the academic year, with still so much to do over the coming weeks in preparation for another. 

My desk was covered in piles of work,  with staff to interview, July payroll to be checked, negotiating leases and a myriad of other things to do.

We had twelve staff either retiring, leaving for pastures new or to enjoy motherhood, and with that the obligatory presentations, speeches and tears.

So, as I reflect on the last year, it made me think about what makes people feel valued?

In my humble opinion, and it is purely that, it is:

Good communication, listening, and having appreciation shown. 

Quite often it is the simple things that can provide the biggest fillip; a thankyou for a job well done, to feel part of something, a smile and showing an interest.

So much can be achieved through common endeavour, seeing the bigger picture and the benefits that change and acceptance can bring.

I have a full diary over the next six weeks, both with work and socially I will enjoy time with family and friends, good food and wine. I hope the sun shines, and traffic is kind with journeys to be made.

I hope to find peace and joy to refresh me and to be ready to face the challenges that I will have to face.

so adieu, adieu, to yieu, and yieu, and yieu!